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Music from Big Pink

paru le25/09/2000de The Band

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1.1. Tears Of Rage
1.2. To Kingdom Come
1.3. In A Station
1.4. Caledonia Mission
1.5. The Weight
1.6. We Can Talk
1.7. Long Black Veil
1.8. Chest Fever
1.9. Lonesome Suzie
1.10. This Wheel's On Fire
1.11. I Shall Be Released
1.12. Yazoo Street Scandal (outtake)
1.13. Tears Of Rage (alternate Take)
1.14. Katie's Been Gone (outtake)
1.15. If I Lose (outtake)
1.16. Long Distance Opérator (outtake)
1.17. Lonesome Suzie (alternate Take)
1.18. Orange Juice Blues (blues For Breakfast,Ottake Démo)
1.19. Key To The Highway (outtake)
1.20. Ferdinand The Imposter (outtake Démo)

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