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After Bathing At Baxter's - Edition remasterisée (inclus 5 Bonus Tracks)

paru le20/08/2003de Jefferson Airplane

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1.1. Streetmasse : The Ballad Of You Me Pooneil
1.2. Streetmasse : A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly
1.3. Streetmasse : Young Girl Sunday Blues
1.4. The War Is Over : Martha
1.5. The War Is Over : Wild Tyme (H)
1.6. Hymn To An Older Generation : The Last Wall Of The Castle
1.7. Hymn To An Older Generation : Rejoyce
1.8. How Suite It Is : Watch Her Ride
1.9. How Suite It Is : Spare Chaynge
1.10. Shizoforest Love Suite : Two Heads
1.11. Shizoforest Love Suite : Won't You Try/saturday Afternoon
1.12. The Ballad Of You Me Pooneil (Bonus Track)
1.13. Martha (Bonus Track)
1.14. Two Heads (Bonus Track)
1.15. Things Are Better In The East (Bonus Track)

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