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The Village Green Preservation Society

paru le16/06/2009de The Kinks

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1.1. Village Green Preservation Society [Stereo]
1.2. Do You Remember Walter? [Stereo]
1.3. Picture Book [Stereo]
1.4. Johnny Thunder [Stereo]
1.5. Last of the Steam Powered Trains [Stereo]
1.6. Big Sky [Stereo]
1.7. Sitting by the Riverside [Stereo]
1.8. Animal Farm [Stereo]
1.9. Village Green [Stereo]
1.10. Starstruck [Stereo]
1.11. Phenomenal Cat [Stereo]
1.12. All of My Friends Were There [Stereo]
1.13. Wicked Annabella [Stereo]
1.14. Monica [Stereo]
1.15. People Take Pictures of Each Other [Stereo]
1.16. Mr. Songbird [Stereo][*]
1.17. Days [Stereo][*]
1.18. Do You Remember Walter [Alternate Stereo Mix][*]
1.19. People Take Pictures of Each Other [Alternate Stereo Mix][*]

2.1. Village Green Preservation Society [Mono Version]
2.2. Do You Remember Walter [Mono Version]
2.3. Picture Book [Mono Version]
2.4. Johnny Thunder [Mono Version]
2.5. Last of the Steam Powered Trains [Mono Version]
2.6. Big Sky [Mono Version]
2.7. Sitting by the Riverside [Mono Version]
2.8. Animal Farm [Mono Version]
2.9. Village Green [Mono Version]
2.10. Starstruck [Mono Version]
2.11. Phenomenal Cat [Mono Version]
2.12. All of My Friends Were There [Mono Version]
2.13. Wicked Annabella [Mono Version]
2.14. Monica [Mono Version]
2.15. People Take Pictures of Each Other [Mono Version]
2.16. Days [Single Mix, Mono][*]
2.17. Mr. Songbird [Mono Mix][#][*]
2.18. Polly [Single Mix, Mono][*]
2.19. Wonderboy [Single Mix, Mono][*]
2.20. Berkeley Mews [Single Mix, Mono][*]
2.21. Village Green [No Strings Version][#][*]

3.1. Village Green [Instrumental Mix][#]
3.2. Misty Water [Stereo Mix]
3.3. Berkeley Mews [Stereo Mix]
3.4. Easy Come, There You Went [Stereo Mix][#]
3.5. Polly [Stereo Mix]
3.6. Animal Farm [Alternate Stereo Mix][#]
3.7. Phenomental Cat [Mono Instrumental][#]
3.8. Johnny Thunder [Stereo Remix][#]
3.9. Did You See His Name? [Mono Mix][#]
3.10. Mick Avory's Underpants [#]
3.11. Lavender Hill
3.12. Rosemary Rose
3.13. Wonderboy [Stereo Mix][#]
3.14. Spotty Grotty Anna [#]
3.15. Where Did My Spring Go?
3.16. Groovy Movies
3.17. Creeping Jean [Stereo Mix][#]
3.18. King Kong
3.19. Misty Water [Mono Mix][#][Version]
3.20. Do You Remember Walter [BBC Session Remix][#]
3.21. Animal Farm [BBC Session Remix][#]
3.22. Days [BBS Session Remix] [BBC Session Remix]

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