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Songbook: A Collection of Hits

paru le04/08/2008de Trisha Yearwood

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1.1. How Do I Live (From The Touchstone Motion Picture "Con Air")
1.2. The Song Remembers When
1.3. The Wrong Side Of Memphis (With Garth Brooks)
1.4. In Another'S Eyes
1.5. The Woman Before Me
1.6. Perfect Love
1.7. Thinkin' About You
1.8. Down On My Knees
1.9. She'S In Love With The Boy
1.10. Walkaway Joe
1.11. Xxx'S And Ooo'S (An American Girl)
1.12. Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
1.13. A Lover Is Forever
1.14. Believe Me Baby I Lied
1.15. On A Bus To St Cloud
1.16. You Can Sleep While I Drive
1.17. The Flame

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